On July 12, Governor Newsom signed the 2021-22 State Budget Act, which includes a historic increase for the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR). In addition to restoring UC ANR’s budget to pre-COVID levels of FY 2019-20, the division’s budget was augmented with an additional $32 million in ongoing funding, bringing total state support to $107.9 million. UC ANR, which includes the county-based UC Cooperative Extension, Integrated Pest Management and 4-H Youth Development programs, is expected to use the budget augmentation to fill scores of vacancies throughout the division, including the several dozen vacant positions at UC Extension.

Over the past 20 years, state funding for UC ANR decreased by almost 50% (adjusted for inflation), resulting in a significant reduction of UC ANR’s Cooperative Extension advisors and specialists – from 427 positions in 2001 down to only 269 in 2021 – creating vacancies in many critical positions.

With this new funding, UC ANR will begin recruiting for 20 UC Cooperative Extension academic positions and prioritizing many more critical positions for hiring during the next several months. 

To learn more about how UC ANR contributes to economic prosperity, protects natural resources, develops an inclusive and equitable society, safeguards food, develops the workforce, builds climate resilience, and promotes the health of people and communities in California, see the stories in its 2020 annual report here.