Upon adjournment, the 2021 Legislative Session will conclude on Friday, September 10th.  Since reconvening on August 16th for the final four weeks, the Legislature heard and took final action on hundreds of bills, including an assortment of budget trailer bills that assist in the implementation of the 2021-22 State Budget Package.  The Governor has until October 10, 2021 to address and consider bills that have reached his desk.  Outside of urgency clause bills that go into effect immediately upon their enactment, bills enacted will take effect January 1, 2022.

RCRC staff will continue to monitor outstanding bills during the final hours of session.  The RCRC Board of Directors will receive an update on the status of key bills of interest to California’s rural counties during the October 1st RCRC Board of Directors meeting in Monterey County.  The Legislature will reconvene on January 3, 2022 to kick-off the 2022 Legislative Session. 

For more information regarding state legislative activities, please contact the RCRC Governmental Affairs staff at (916) 447-4806.