RCRC, working in concert with the Urban Counties of California and other local government organizations, has conveyed its continued “Oppose Unless Amended” position for Assembly Bill 1486, authored by Assembly Member Phil Ting (D-San Francisco).  AB 1486 would place onerous new requirements on public agencies disposing of surplus land. 

AB 1486 adds specificity to the types of agencies subject to the Surplus Land Act (Act), by adding sewer, water, utility, and local and regional park districts, joint powers authorities, successor agencies to former redevelopment agencies, housing authorities, and other political subdivisions of this state to the list of agencies that are mandated to follow certain requirements before disposing of surplus land. 

As currently written, AB 1486 would require counties to offer-up surplus properties for housing or other similar uses, regardless of whether the land is actually suitable for such use, or whether it is safe or appropriate to place new residents in that location.   Most concerning, AB 1486 currently includes a zoning override provision.  RCRC and UCC continues to ask the author to consider amendments that would remove the zoning override provisions, and require counties to only offer land for sale that is considered suitable for school facilities or affordable housing, rather than subjecting all land, regardless of its zoning and the appropriateness for school facilities or affordable housing, to the Act.

RCRC and UCC’s detailed letter can be accessed here.  AB 1486 currently awaits action in the Senate Governance & Finance Committee.  Please contact Paul A. Smith, Vice President Governmental Affairs, at (916) 447-4806 or psmith@rcrcnet.org for more information.