RCRC has lent its support to Assembly Bill 1816, authored by Assembly Member Tom Daly (D-Anaheim).  AB 1816 would, among other provisions, extend the notification period of a nonrenewal or expiration of an insurance policy from 30 to 75 days beginning July 1, 2020.  

RCRC believes AB 1816 is a good first step in allowing homeowners additional time to find replacement coverage in the event they are nonrenewed.  Rural homeowners in particular have a greater challenge finding new coverage in areas where insurance options are becoming fewer in number.  A 75-day period would allow homeowners to exhaust a larger universe of options before having to turn to the expensive FAIR Plan as a last resort for coverage.

RCRC’s support letter can be accessed here.  AB 1816 is currently awaiting action in the Senate (Third Reading File).  For more information contact Staci Heaton, Senior Regulatory Affairs Advocate, at (916) 447-4806 or sheaton@rcrcnet.org.