RCRC has lent its support to Assembly Bill 1958, authored by Assembly Member Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove).  AB 1958 would protect critical flood protection infrastructure by bolstering the maintenance of levees throughout California. 

AB 1958 strengthens protections against the various threats to premature levee damages by prohibiting a person from concealing, defacing, destroying, modifying, cutting, altering, or physically or visually obstructing any levee that is part of the State Plan of Flood Control.  In addition, AB 1958 would authorize the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan and/or its designees to inspect and remove any obstructions made to any levee, and further authorizes peace officers to enforce provisions punishable by a misdemeanor. 

RCRC’s letter can be accessed here.  AB 1958 was introduced mid-January and awaits committee assignment.  Please contact Mary-Ann Warmerdam, RCRC Senior Legislative Affairs Advocate, at (916) 447-4806 or mwarmerdam@rcrcnet.org for more information.