RCRC has lent its support to Assembly Member Marc Berman’s (D-Palo Alto) Assembly Bill 2941 related to health coverage during a declared State of Emergency.  Under AB 2941, a health plan and health insurer would be required to ensure that patients, who have been displaced by a State of Emergency, have continued appropriate access to medically necessary health care services. 

In 2017, Governor Brown issued four State of Emergency declarations covering 13 counties.  In each of these instances, the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) issued All Plan Letters to every health plan operating in the counties where the State of Emergency was declared, to ensure that patients have continued appropriate access to the medically necessary health care services they need.

Given the emergency and disaster risks in California, particularly in rural California where access to health care is more challenging, AB 2941 ensures individuals and families with health insurance can access health care.

Ms. Rhine’s support letter can be accessed here.  Ms. Rhine can be reached at (916) 447-4806 or trhine@rcrcnet.org.