RCRC, along with the California Cannabis Industry Association, is co-sponsoring Senate Bill 1064 authored by Senator John Laird. This measure aims to modernize the state licensing structure for cannabis. This measure represents a crucial step forward in achieving two primary objectives: to encourage economic growth and stability in the legal cannabis industry, and to assist local governments in permitting commercial cannabis activity by establishing clear responsibilities and a streamlined process. 

Specifically, SB 1064 addresses the complexity and inefficiency of the current licensing system, which requires business to obtain multiple licenses for different activities conducted at a single location. This measure replaces the current system with a streamlined process through which a single premises license is issued for each location.  

Additionally, SB 1064 clarifies the roles of state and local governments in the licensing and oversight of cannabis businesses, ensuring that each level of government focuses on its respective areas of expertise by focusing state-level review on the operator and cannabis-specific activities performed and returning land use review to local governments. 

This measure has passed through the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions committee and has been referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  

RCRC’s letter of support is available here. Contact RCRC Policy Advocate, Sarah Dukett for additional information.