RCRC has expressed support for Senate Bill 11, authored by Senator Susan Rubio (D-Los Angeles), which would remove certain barriers to enable homes and structures used to conduct business on farmland to obtain fire insurance through the California Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan.  Current law does not technically allow for farm properties to be insured under the FAIR Plan because of how the statute is written; the FAIR plan was originally crafted in the mid-1960’s to be an insurer of last resort for those having difficulty obtaining homeowner’s coverage.  SB 11 would make a change to the statute which would allow for the structures on farmlands to be covered under the FAIR Plan, while clarifying that the coverage does not extend to any agricultural crop risks. This change will allow farmers to obtain coverage for their homes and other structures on their farms in the event that their traditional insurance policies are non-renewed.  RCRC’s letter of support is available here.  For more information, contact Staci Heaton, RCRC Senior Regulatory Affairs Advocate, by email or call (916) 447-4806.