RCRC has lent its support to Senate Bill 1347, authored by Senator Cathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton). SB 1347 would allow animals in animal shelters to receive immediate and necessary basic first aid and preventive care without the presence of a veterinarian.

Specifically, SB 1347 would expand the types of veterinary care services that may be provided by properly trained employees at an animal shelter without the presence of a veterinarian. These services would include preventative or prophylactic vaccinations, administration of nonprescription medication, and basic first aid. SB 1347 also allows animal shelter officers, employees, and volunteers to perform wound care and administer medication without the presence of a veterinarian, when in accordance with a written treatment plan provided to the shelter by a licensed veterinarian. RCRC believes SB 1347 would allow rural animal shelters and its agencies or humane societies to properly treat animals, prevent communicable disease transmission, and will ultimately save the lives of adoptable pets.

The Senate Business, Professions & Economic Development Committee heard SB 1347 on Monday, where it passed on an 8-0 vote. RCRC’s letter can be accessed here. For more information, please contact Tracy Rhine, RCRC Legislative Advocate, at (916) 447-4806 or trhine@rcrcnet.org.