On Monday, CalRecycle announced draft criteria for award of $60 million in SB 1383 organic waste recycling local assistance funding.  Under the program, local governments (cities, counties, regional or joint powers authorities, and special districts that provide solid waste collection services) can apply for funding on a non-competitive basis.  The Draft Criteria propose a base award of $20,000 for eligible entities, with remaining funds being distributed on a per capita basis. 

The Draft Criteria makes a wide variety of activities eligible for funding, including costs associated with collection (personnel, consultants, containers, training, vehicles), education and outreach, edible food recovery, capacity planning, procurement administration, and record keeping. 

Unlike other CalRecycle grant programs, the Draft Criteria does not propose requiring local governments to have an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing and Practices (EPPP) Policy in place to receive funds. 

CalRecycle proposes to release applications in January 2022 with a due date in February, and funds would be awarded in April. 

To qualify for the first round of funding, applicants must certify that they will adopt an enforceable ordinance pursuant to 14 CCR 18981.2 requiring generators, haulers, and other entities comply with the SB 1383 regulations.  

Please contact John Kennedy, RCRC Legislative Advocate, with any questions.