On Thursday, Governor Gavin Newsom sent a cautionary letter to executives at the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) over their presumed intent to reconstitute their board of directors with out-of-state executives with little to no experience in California, and inadequate expertise in utility operations.  The letter was a strong rebuke of the utility, stating that its intended board would be more “broken public trust and its responsibilities to ratepayers, wildfire victims, and employees,” while asserting that the state and its people deserve better treatment, and imploring the utility to look for Californians who have experience to provide its leadership.  

Governor Newsom formed a “strike team” in February 2019 to advise the state on PG&E’s bankruptcy proceeding and gave the group 60 days to map out a plan to help ensure that ratepayers’ service remains intact while wildfire victims get justice and ratepayers and employees remain protected.  Results from the team’s efforts are expected within the next few weeks. 

Governor Newsom’s letter can be accessed here.