On Tuesday, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology held a markup for, and subsequently passed by voice vote, the National Wildland Fire Risk Reduction Program Act (H.R. 5781). The bill, sponsored by RCRC delegation representatives Jared Huffman (D- San Rafael), Jim Costa (D- Fresno), and Jimmy Panetta (D- Carmel Valley), “would establish a National Wildland Fire Risk Reduction Program intended to reduce losses of life and property from wildfires by boosting related research activities across various federal agencies.” During the markup, the committee considered a slew of amendments from members in both parties and adopted most of them by voice vote, including proposals to support active land and forest management, promote more resilient buildings and landscapes, and study the interaction between wildfires and climate change. Republicans on the committee expressed support for “the underlying goal of the legislation to improve the federal government’s access to scientific information about wildfires,” but expressed frustration that they were shut out of the bill’s drafting.