The Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Act requires the California Judicial Council to develop rules of court, as well as a petition form and any other forms necessary for the court process, to implement the Act’s procedural provisions. The draft, “Rules and Forms: Community Assistance, Recovery and Empowerment (CARE) Act (Proposal W23-10)”, proposed by the Probate and Mental Health Advisory Committee, has been posted on the California Courts “Invitations to Comment” webpage here.  

The proposal consists of 11 Rules of Court and 11 forms to implement the requirements, including “Information for Petitioners-About the CARE Act (Form CARE-050-INFO)”, “Information for Respondents-About the CARE Act (Form CARE-060-INFO)”, and “Petition to Commence CARE Act Proceedings (Form CARE-100)”, among others. 

The public comment period is open until January 27, 2023, at 5:00 PM. Details and materials can be found on the Invitations to Comment page under the "Probate and Mental Health" topic. Comments may be submitted via the online Comment Form or by email to

For additional information or questions, contact RCRC Policy Advocate, Sarah Dukett.