On the newest episode of Hometown California, Paul A. Smith sits down for an up-close interview with Rich Gordon, President and CEO of the California Forestry Association (soon-to-be retired).

Aside from being at the CA Forestry Association, Mr. Gordon has a long history of service in California. Learn what sparked his interest in getting involved with public education and public policy making, when he ran (and won) a seat on the San Mateo County Board of Education—his first elected position. After 13 years on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, find out why Rich still describes it as "the best electoral job in California." Find out what motivated him to become President of one of RCRC’s sister organizations, the California State Association of Counties (CSAC), and hear about highlights of his leadership years.Listen to hear about how Rich fell in love with rural California, went on to serve in the California State Assembly, and so much more. His fascinating journey, from his first elected position nearly 20 years ago to his current role, will give you a glimpse of how his experiences have impacted Rich Gordon's understanding of California’s rural counties. Listen now.