In the latest episode of Hometown California, RCRC Senior Vice President for Governmental Affairs, Paul Smith, speaks with Lassen County Sheriff Dean Growdon about the realities of being a peace officer in rural California. In the small and remote County of Lassen, Sheriff Growdon serves as both Sheriff and Coroner, as do many of his counterparts in other rural areas of the State. Home to two state prisons, one federal prison, and a military base, Lassen County has some unique law enforcement challenges.
Hear how law enforcement in a rural county-- and particularly is a very, very rural county-- is different than other areas of the State. Sheriff Growdon discusses the importance of mutual aid and explains how customer service and community assistance are keys for successful crime prevention. Listen as Sheriff Growdon talks about the challenges of some state mandates and how COVID-19 has impacted law enforcement and community support in Lassen County during the pandemic. Listen here.
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