On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told lawmakers that infrastructure spending would be a priority for President Trump if Congress decides to stimulate the economy in response to the global spread of the coronavirus.  Mnuchin, a member of the Trump Administration's coronavirus task force stated, "if there's a need to stimulate the economy as a result of the coronavirus, I am sure that infrastructure is a priority for the president.” 

Additionally, talks have continued to reach an agreement on the best method to pay for the surface transportation reauthorization that will expire in October.  During the National Association of Counties' legislative conference this past weekend, six members of Congress provided further insight into this discussion.  House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee ranking member Sam Graves (R-Missouri) alluded that everything is on the table to pay for infrastructure: “Public-private partnerships, fuel taxes, vehicle-miles-traveled fees, even tolling.” Despite this positive outlook, Senator Mike Braun (R-Indiana) advised the counties to "consider hedging your bets" in terms of getting any surface transportation bill done this year beyond a reauthorization.