RCRC press releases and related news clips about RCRC and our member counties. Please note that a subscription may be required to read some external publications.


Despite legalizing cannabis, black-market growers are overwhelming California communities’ -The Sacramento Bee 

In this commentary, Lake County Supervisors and RCRC Board members Eddie Crandell and Bruno Sabatier discuss the need for greater investment in illegal cannabis enforcement to protect public safety and support the legal cannabis industry.


This Isn’t the California I Married’-The New York Times 

Mono County Supervisor and RCRC Board Chair Stacy Corless is featured in this piece about the challenges of catastrophic wildfire in California.


No, California’s drought isn’t over. Here’s why.’ -CalMatters 

Despite abundant snowfall and rain in December, drought conditions remain for much of California and resulted in the State adopting new emergency regulations to reduce waste.