RCRC press releases and related news clips about RCRC and our member counties. Please note that a subscription may be required to read some external publications.


How long will it take to move PG&E's power lines underground? KCRA 3

Napa County Supervisor and RCRC Board Delegate Diane Dillon is featured in this KCRA 3 report, discussing the rural perspective on PG&E undergrounding.


Can Open Access Solve California's Rural Broadband Dilemma? – Government Technology News

The exciting new partnership between Golden State Connect Authority (GSCA) and UTOPIA Fiber is highlighted in this article from Government Technology. RCRC's Barbara Hayes and UTOPIA Fiber's Roger Timmerman detail the objective of this partnership, to connect California’s unserved rural counties using an open access internet network.


Tulare County dairies and feedlots cut methane emissions by 17% – The Sun-Gazette

There are twice as many cows as people in Tulare County but dairymen and ranchers are working with Tulare County to almost cut their operations’ emissions in half in the next decade.