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'Rural counties in California push for activation of idle microgrids as power outages mount' - Microgrid Knowledge

If a microgrid is built in California to address public safety power shutoffs (PSPS), shouldn’t it also be activated when power outages occur for other reasons? That’s the question a group representing 38 rural counties in California is asking state regulators after being precluded from using their microgrids during multiple power outages that were unrelated to PSPS — the planned shutdown of power by utilities to avoid wildfires.


‘Proposed 600-mile Lost Sierra Route would connect Truckee to Lassen’-The San Francisco Chronicle

Getting to such hard-to-reach, yet spectacular, places in California’s northern Sierra will be a whole lot easier if a newly proposed 600-mile trail network comes to fruition. The concept for a proposed 600-mile trail system in the Northern Sierra that would run roughly from Truckee north to Susanville.


‘Commentary: CIO Outlines 4 Ways Counties Can Move Now on Broadband’ -Techwire.net

Steve Monaghan, the veteran chief information officer for Nevada County, has published the second in a series of six essays for Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC), a 38-member service organization that advocates for policies on behalf of rural counties. Recent legislation at the state and federal level has allocated billions in funding for rural broadband deployment. To take advantage of upcoming funding opportunities, it is critical that county leaders have a clear understanding of broadband concepts and prepare their counties accordingly.