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‘Forest Service takes major step forward on historically massive Tuolumne County project’ -Union Democrat

A final environmental impact statement and three draft decisions for a massive project to reduce fire threats in the South Fork and Middle Fork Stanislaus watersheds was released Friday by the U.S. Forest Service, a part of the process that’s billed as a major step forward for the largest green forest management project in the 124-year history of the Stanislaus National Forest.


‘Valley water agencies ask for more water now and in the future’ -The Sun Gazette

On pace to be the driest January-February on record, signaling a third straight year of drought, local water authorities are begging the state to release more water for farmers this summer or at least begin building capacity to withstand future droughts.


‘Drought, fires and beetles — California’s forests are dying. Is it too late to save them?’ -San Francisco Chronicle

An estimated 9.5 million trees died from bugs, disease and dehydration in 2021, according to new aerial survey data from the U.S. Forest Service. The losses were slightly less than what was recorded in surveys two years earlier but still well above what scientists consider normal. The run of mortality since 2010 now exceeds 172 million trees.