The California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) held a webinar yesterday to provide an overview of the next steps for entities that were awarded an Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant.  The presentation discussed in great detail the overall specifics of the ATP program, including how to request State-only funding, project programming information, receipt of allocation distributions, requesting time extensions, and overall project implementation.  Caltrans will soon be making a copy of the ATP webinar and slideshow available on their website, accessed here

RCRC has heard a variety of concerns from our local transportation stakeholders regarding the application and award process for Cycle 1 of the ATP program.  Over the next several months, RCRC will be working with our local transportation stakeholders to better understand the issues with implementation, and to help influence the development of ATP Guidelines/Program for the next cycle of ATP funding.  CalTrans anticipates that applications for the Cycle 2 of the ATP program will be open in Spring 2015.