On Tuesday, CalRecycle officially announced that their long-awaited final regulations implementing 2016’s Senate Bill 1383 (Lara) - a bill designed to reduce short-lived climate pollutants from organic waste - was disapproved by the state’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL).  The regulations have been in development since early 2017, with RCRC providing detailed comments and helping carve out certain exemptions for rural counties throughout the process.

The decision by OAL includes requests for numerous technical and clarifying changes to the final regulations, which were expected to be finalized this month.  CalRecycle will be required to work with OAL to make the necessary changes, then release a modified version of the regulations to the public for another 15-day comment period on the modifications.  CalRecycle staff is currently working on the changes and consulting OAL on the proper way to conduct a comment period during the current conoravirus (COVID-19) conditions. 

The OAL’s Decision of Disapproval can be viewed here.