RCRC wishes to thank the photographers who submitted their works of art in RCRC’s 5th Annual Rural County Photo Contest. The numerous submissions received capture the splendor of California’s rural counties.

On Wednesday, the RCRC Board of Directors voted to select this year’s winning photograph. This year’s first place prize goes to Ramiro Ruiz for his spectacular photo of a sunset over a lettuce field in the town of Chualar in Monterey County.

Titled “Field of Green” Ramiro Ruiz’s photo highlights the beauty of agriculture, which is an integral part of so many rural communities in California. Mr. Ruiz is a resident of Monterey County and works as an agricultural mechanic. He has a passion for photographing the agricultural landscapes he encounters in his daily life.

“Congratulations to Mr. Ruiz upon this wonderful recognition of his ability to blend his work and passion into one,” said Monterey County Supervisor and RCRC Board Delegate Chris Lopez. “His photo highlights the beauty of our agricultural landscape, it brings into focus the contributions of rural California to our nation’s food supply, and has brought top recognition to Monterey County.”

The RCRC Rural County Photo Contest was established to promote tourism and local economic development through showcasing the beautiful landscape, scenery, activities, history, and charm of RCRC’s member counties. The image captured by Mr. Ruiz will be prominently displayed during RCRC’s 2021 Annual Meeting in Monterey County in September and may be featured in various RCRC marketing materials or work products throughout the next year.

See RCRC’s full press release announcing the winner here.