Earlier this week, RCRC Chair and Inyo County Supervisor Matt Kingsley sent a letter to the California Senate Energy, Utilities & Communications Committee outlining suggested changes to minimize impacts from utility Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events.  The letter includes 29 specific recommendations within seven categories to address the current notification and execution of PSPS events that endanger lives and property, and the operation of critical infrastructure.  

“Rural areas are hardest hit by PSPS events and often lack the resources to fully mitigate impacts on critical infrastructure and sensitive populations,” said Kingsley.  “Our communities are home to a higher percentage of elderly and low-income individuals who are least able to bear the impacts of PSPS events.”

The seven categories addressed include:

  • Improve notification and sharing of information with local governments;
  • Expand access to and services provided by community resource centers;
  • Improve notification and mitigation for baseline and Access and Fundamental Needs (AFN) populations;
  • Expand the definition of “critical facilities;”
  • Evaluate and mitigate PSPS costs and impacts;
  • Establish clear system restoration goals; and,
  • Improve the scrutiny and utility of post-event reports.

Supervisor Kingsley’s letter outlining RCRC’s 29 specific recommendations can be accessed here.