On Monday, RCRC Chair and Inyo County Supervisor Matt Kingsley presented checks to five Inyo County charitable organizations, including the Southern Inyo Fire Protection District, United Methodist Social Services, Healthy Communities of Southern Inyo, Southern Inyo Hospital Salvation, and Lone Pine FFA.  Each organization received $12,300 during the monthly Inyo Associations meeting at the Museum of Western Film History in Lone Pine.  The funds were raised during RCRC’s Basket Auction held during the 2019 Annual Meeting in El Dorado County.  

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the attendees of RCRC’s 2019 Basket Auction.  The impact that this gift will have in Inyo County and the deserving charities will be impactful and long-lasting,” said Supervisor Kingsley.  “I am thankful and humbled by the opportunity to serve in a leadership role in RCRC, an organization dedicated to serving California’s rural communities.”

RCRC’s Annual Meeting concludes with a Basket Drawing and Auction in which a county-themed basket is raffled or auctioned off from each of RCRC’s 37 member counties.  The proceeds from the Basket Auction portion of the event are donated to select charities in the county of the RCRC Chair. 

RCRC staff joined Supervisor Kingsley at the Inyo Associates event, and also presented before the Inyo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.