In early March, Small and Multi-Jurisdictional Utilities (SMJUs) and Independent Transmission Owners submitted 2021 updates to their Wildfire Mitigation Plans (WMPs) as required by the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC’s) Wildfire Safety Division for public review and formal approval. By law, all electrical utilities are required to construct, maintain and operate their lines and equipment to minimize the risk of a utility-caused wildfire and undertake comprehensive mitigation measures through WMPs, which must cover a three-year period. On April 20th, RCRC responded to the SMJU updates, specifically Liberty Utilities and PacifiCorp. Given the staffing constraints of SMJUs and, therefore, a reliance on third party contractors, these small utilities would benefit from additional regulatory guidance and best practices. Liberty Utilities, for example, needs more robust internal Quality Assurance and Quality Control measures to better manage and strategically implement wildfire safety protocols. More information on 2021 WMP Updates can be found here; RCRC’s letter can be viewed here.