RCRC’s Hometown California Podcast will be on hiatus indefinitely, while RCRC focuses on other communication priorities. While this means new episodes will not be produced at this time, all previously released episodes of the podcast will remain available to listen and download here. Since the inception of the Hometown California Podcast in July 2020, RCRC has told the story of rural California through the eyes of those who live, work, and play in rural communities. We are grateful to those who have shared their stories through the podcast over the past year, and to our many faithful listeners. While Hometown California is on hiatus, you can stay informed regarding the efforts of RCRC and the latest in rural California policy by continuing to read each edition of the Barbed Wire Newsletter, visiting www.rcrcnet.org, and following RCRC on social media: Twitter (@RuralCounties), Facebook (@RuralCounties), and Instagram (@ca_RuralCounties).