On February 1st, the Washington Post released an article exploring how counties and cities across the nation are preparing for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (more commonly known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act). Among those featured in the article is RCRC President and CEO Patrick  (Pat) Blacklock, discussing the infrastructure needs of rural California counties and the unique challenges small jurisdictions face when seeking to obtain public funding for such projects. In addition to highlighting the need for improved water systems, sewage and draining, and high-speed internet, Pat used EV charging stations as an example of how differing levels of resources between urban and rural communities can make it difficult for smaller counties to compete for funding. For this reason, Pat emphasizes how RCRC is collectively advocating on behalf of its members in Washington to ensure that rural counties have a fair opportunity to obtain project funding for their communities.  Read the article here.  

The White House Infrastructure Task Force is currently in the process of implementing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, which provides $1.2 trillion in funding for roads, railways, bridges, broadband, the power grid, and environmental initiatives. RCRC has and will continue to actively monitor and advocate on behalf of our member counties throughout the implementation process.