RCRC is pleased to announce that Economic and Demographic Profiles for each of our thirty-six member counties are now available on the RCRC website.  The individual county profiles, created by the Chico State University Center for Economic Development, include demographic, environmental, economic, social and industry data and information.  These profiles can serve as an information resource when applying for grants, preparing budgets, or when responding to inquiries.  

You will find a plethora of information on a variety of topics – all with sources listed.  Since information is updated and available at different times of the year, printed documents become obsolete very quickly.  While this will be the case for the Economic and Demographic Profiles, please note that every chart in the profile is sourced.  You can use the source information to gather updated information online, as it becomes available.

The Economic and Demographic Profiles can be accessed in the “Related Documents and Downloads” column of the RCRC Economic Development webpage.