On Friday evening, the State Assembly finalized and approved a large aspect of the 2020-21 State Budget Package. Late Thursday evening, the State Senate undertook a similar process. The actions of the Legislature enact sixteen (16) budget trailer bills that assist in implementing the 2020-21 State Budget Package, as well as revise the main Budget Bill which was passed nearly two weeks ago. With the exception of two trailer bills (dealing with education finance and higher education), likely to be adopted next week in the State Senate, the State Budget Package is nearly complete. It is expected that further revisions to the State Budget Package will be addressed in August once the State of California fully counts personal income tax receipts (the tax filing deadline was extended until July 15th). Furthermore, several issues still need to be addressed before the Legislature adjourns on August 31.

RCRC Legislative Staff has prepared a summary of the revised 2020-21 State Budget Package, with areas impacted by the revisions and accompanying trailer bills highlighted in yellow. The Rural Rundown can be accessed here.