On Tuesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a teleconference forum with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai to discuss critical consumer protection, broadband, and spectrum issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the hearing focused on receiving updates from Chairman Pai on what the FCC was doing to keep Americans connected during the pandemic, including the COVID-19 telehealth program and increased broadband access. The teleconference lacked much of the typical partisan discord so often associated with broadband and 5G discussions, with most members agreeing that obtaining and keeping broadband was vital during the pandemic and that the FCC was working hard to try to make that happen. Democrats focused slightly more on the gaps in broadband access the pandemic had exposed, while Republicans focused more on what the FCC was doing to help expand coverage given the current state of broadband. Additionally, both Democrats and Republicans praised FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's Keep Americans Connected pledge and the 750-plus Internet Service Providers who had signed on to it.

Additionally, on Monday FCC Chairman Ajit Pai released an op-ed on Medium announcing to expect a 5G infrastructure vote at the FCC’s June 9 meeting along with votes on an October rural broadband auction and next-generation broadcast TV tech.