This week, the Senate Rules Committee confirmed the appointment of Sierra County Supervisor Lee Adams to the Commission on State Mandates (Commission).  The Commission’s primary responsibility is to hear and adjudicate local entities’ claims that allege the State has imposed a reimbursable state-mandated program on a county, city, school district, or community college district.  

“I appreciate the faith and trust of the Governor in my appointment to the Commission, and have found the work of the Commission fascinating over the past 8 months,” said Supervisor Adams.  “I equally appreciate this confirmation by the Senate and look forward to serving the public in  this role during the term of this appointment.”

Established in 1985, the Commission is a quasi-judicial body comprised of seven members – the State Controller, State Treasurer, Director of the Department of Finance, Director of the Office of Planning and Research, a public member with public finance experience, and two local elected official positions which are appointed by the Governor.  The public member and the two local elected officials are subject to confirmation by the State Senate and serve for a term of four-years.

In addition to the Commission’s primary responsibility, additional duties include the review of county applications for findings of significant financial distress.