On Thursday March 10, 2021, the State Senate confirmed Chief Michael J. Richwine as California State Fire Marshal, completing Richwine's appointment to the post. Richwine was appointed on May 15, 2020 by Governor Gavin Newsom after serving as Acting State Fire Marshal since December 2018. Prior to his appointment, Chief Richwine served as Assistant State Fire Marshal and held a variety of positions in the Office of the State Fire Marshal during 38 years of service.

RCRC supported Chief Richwine’s confirmation due to his long history of partnering with RCRC member counties on implementation of new building and siting standards for fire prevention. Richwine has long made himself and his staff available to RCRC member counties to work through issues unique to rural California while working closely with RCRC staff during the development of new building codes and standards. RCRC congratulates Chief Richwine on his appointment and looks forward to continuing a productive working relationship with the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

RCRC’s letter of support for Chief Richwine’s confirmation can be viewed here.