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RCRC-opposed Assembly Bill 2395, a measure which addresses “legacy phone service” and is sponsored by AT&T, was introduced by Assembly Member Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) earlier this year.  

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California's Payment-In-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILT) program was established in 1949 to offset adverse impacts to county property tax revenues that result when the State acquires...

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Sen re passes out of Senate on unanimous vote! Now off to the Assembly. https://t.co/Zk9QpffxZD
BLM Planning Rule Opposed by and Key U.S. Senator (): https://t.co/y1SzvxHOCF
California Provisions Included in Energy & Spending Bill & Other Measures: https://t.co/Ax9fonzyti
Assembly Member re State Fairs passed out of Suspense and now headed to Assembly floor: https://t.co/Ygq8ruKvo2
Assembly Subcommittee Rejects Governor’s Jail Construction Funding Proposal: https://t.co/kGbsNew8QZ
Senator re State passed out of Suspense and now headed to the Senate floor: https://t.co/xcsh5RgLNh
Senate, Assembly Committees Pass Different Cap-and-Trade Plans: https://t.co/DEDGWq9wWP
House Committee Unanimously Approves 2016: https://t.co/Dc3HrcOAfs
Joint Legislative Hearing Held on Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act: https://t.co/9QtOyytkrL
AB 2395 Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee: https://t.co/tjMJ3GwQXt
Forest Management Legislation on the Move: https://t.co/AhqDc0zPc0
House Interior Subcommittee Advances Spending Measure: https://t.co/YtXIvNDJ3f #cacounties
ACTION ALERT: Controversial Telecom Bill Held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee https://t.co/oTJDDzly6W
UPDATE: Failed Passage in Assembly Appropriations. Details to come... AB 2395: https://t.co/Hxe3bW4eSS
Landline Legislation Dials Up Worries in : https://t.co/NkkBV8dV5H
The joins 22 in opposing : https://t.co/uKGrsxg1KS &T
Twenty-two opposition letters sent to Assembly Appropriations ahead of hearing tomorrow. https://t.co/R7TOFDUHfG
RT : 29 million due to & . See the devastation here https://t.co/sOm1x0BOQj.
21 agree - Threatens Access to Emergency Services in CA’s Counties: https://t.co/JPT4fpGwTv
Sen Committee Considers Bills; Introduces Drought Bill - Via : https://t.co/dg8hLjhojw

News: The Barbed Wire

This week, the House Appropriations Committee released the Interior Subcommittee draft bill, containing several key provisions of importance to California’s...Read more
This week, the Senate and Assembly Health Committees held a joint hearing to hear testimony from the proponents and opponents...Read more
This week, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee unanimously approved H.R. 5303, the Water Resources and Development Act (WRDA) of...Read more