RCRC-Opposed AB 1250 and SB 649 Continue to Move Forward

Last Friday, the Senate Appropriations Committee and the Assembly Appropriations Committee considered a large number of bills for final consideration (commonly known as dispensing with bills on the “Suspense File”).  The Suspense File is a holding spot for bills that are further evaluated for their respective cost impact to the State.  A number of RCRC’s key legislative issues were addressed, including the RCRC-opposed Assembly Bill 1250 authored by Assembly Member Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles), and Senate Bill 649 authored by Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego).

AB 1250 relating to county contracts for services gained passage out of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and to the surprise of many, was re-referred to the Senate Rules Committee.  In moving from the Appropriations Committee, AB 1250 was amended.  Despite these amendments, the bill still does not address any of RCRC’s concerns as it will continue to inhibit counties from contracting with nonprofits and others to provide critical services to the neediest residents.  By having AB 1250 move to the Senate Rules Committee, it is unclear what path the bill will take in the final days of the 2017 Legislative Session.  The sponsors of the bill – Service Employees International Union – continue to meet with key Senators and senior legislative staff to construct further amendments.  RCRC’s opposition letter to the recently-amended AB 1250 can be accessed here

SB 649 relating to “small cell” siting easily gained passage from the Assembly Appropriations Committee - twelve “Aye” votes, one “No” vote, and four members abstaining.  Despite promises made by the wireless industry, the sponsor of SB 649, the bill would eliminate public input and full local environmental and design review.  SB 649 now awaits final consideration on the Assembly Floor.  The SB 649 joint floor alert to the Assembly can be accessed here.

RCRC continues to work to defeat these poorly-crafted bills.  A complete list of RCRC-related bills and their current status can be accessed in the Legislative Update section of this edition of The Barbed Wire.