The Assembly Appropriations Committee held two important bills authored by Assembly member Jim Patterson (R-Fresno) and supported by RCRC.   

Assembly Bill 692 would have created a new California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemption for secondary egress routes for communities in high fire risk areas.  RCRC previously sponsored similar legislation carried by Assembly Member Patterson and by now-Congressman Jay Obernolte.  The measures all sought to streamline and expedite the creation of secondary egress routes to help residents safely evacuate during a wildfire or other emergency. 

Assembly Bill 704 would have exempted homes rebuilt after wildfires from new California Energy Commission solar roof mandates.  A similar exemption for homes destroyed during pre-2020 wildfires expired on January 1 of this year.  Governor Newsom vetoed a similar measure last year; however, AB 704 was narrower in scope and would have extended relief for many rebuilds that are taking much longer than previously anticipated. 

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