2022-2025 RCRC Strategic Plan The 2022-2025 RCRC Strategic Plan is a guiding document for the organization from which the RCRC Board of Directors set policies and priorities to advance the interests of rural counties.
RCRC Advocacy Letters

Access to current correspondence.  Advocacy letters may also be accessed using RCRC's legislative and regulatory tracking tool.

 2023-24 Letters

RCRC 2022
Legislative Digest
RCRC's Government Affairs staff advocated on behalf of member counties on hundreds of bills in 2022. The RCRC 2022 Legislative Digest provides an overview of significant bills representing these efforts.
2022 Rural Recap

The Rural Recap is a report from the RCRC Government Affairs team, prepared for the RCRC Board of Directors, to highlight many of the significant advocacy efforts RCRC staff engaged in on behalf of its members and the members of California's rural communities.

RCRC's Rural Rundown of the 2023-24 State Budget Package

RCRC's summary of the 2023-24 State Budget Package and its impacts upon rural counties. (Updated June 30, 2023)

see Rural Rundown of 2023-24 May Revision here.
see Rural Rundown of 2023-24 Jan/ Proposed Budget here.

2023-24 Policy Principles The RCRC Board of Directors adopts a set of Policy Principles that guide legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts for the organization. Additionally, RCRC takes a formal position on many individual pieces of legislation and regulatory proposals every year, based upon these Principles. 
Member County Facts RCRC advocates on behalf of 40 member counties, representing more than two-thirds of the state’s total number of counties (58).
Member County Map
RCRC membership represents more than half (60% percent) of California’s 155,779.21 square miles, and nearly 1 in 7 Californians reside within our member counties.