In addition to RCRC’s State legislative and regulatory activities, many actions impacting California’s rural counties are enacted at the federal level through both Congress and federal administrative agencies.  RCRC maintains close relationships with our member county Congressional delegation, and participates in annual advocacy events to influence discussions on the most pressing legislative and regulatory issues facing California’s rural counties.

While the bulk of RCRC's federal portfolio stems around public lands management, forestry, water, transportation, Secure Rural Schools (SRS), Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT), and healthcare issues, RCRC staff and federal advocates also work to influence policy on broadband deployment, workforce investments, education, endangered species, cannabis, energy, climate change, agriculture, and a wide variety of other state legislative and regulatory issue areas of interest to rural counties.

RCRC is committed to working with members of Congress and our federal agency partners to develop legislative and regulatory policies that complement local and state policy, fund vital county and state programs, and do not preempt local and state authority.