RCRC and a coalition of local government partners have officially opposed Assembly Bill 1959 by Assembly Member Chad Mayes (I-Yucca Valley).  AB 1959 would allow a homeowner who has filed an assessment appeal with a county to defer payment of their disputed property taxes until the appeal is resolved.  

AB 1959 would have detrimental consequences for counties that depend on property tax revenue, and the anticipated flow of that refvnue, to operate and deliver services.  If it becomes law, assessment appeals boards who already face high workloads, would see a sharp increase in the number of appeals filed primarily by those who simply wish to delay payment.  RCRC, the California State Association of Counties, and the Urban Counties of California believe the balance due should be payable as it helps guard against taxpayers who wish to take advantage of the system.

The joint opposition letter can be accessed here.  Mr. Smith can be reached at (916) 447-4806 or psmith@rcrcnet.org.