The Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) is sponsoring Senate Bill 1222 (Alvarado-Gil).  This measure would require the Legislative Analyst's Office to conduct a study evaluating the educational needs and opportunities that exist for the five rural counties that are not included in a California Community College (CCC) district. RCRC Second Vice Chair and Mariposa County Supervisor, Miles Menetrey, testified before the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday, April 10th, in support of this measure. 

At present, the RCRC member counties of Amador, Alpine, Mariposa, Modoc, and Sierra are wholly or partially outside an existing CCC district, leaving those residents without access to the affordable postsecondary educational opportunities necessary to meet the unique challenges of workforce development, vocational training, and higher education. SB 1222 would require the Legislative Analyst’s Office to gather and analyze data and make policy recommendations in a report to the Legislature. The report, developed in consultation with a working group comprised of representatives from the public higher education system and the affected counties, will present suggested pathways that will ensure all Californians have an equitable opportunity to higher education. 

SB 1222 has passed the Senate Education Committee and awaits consideration in Appropriations. For questions or additional information, contact RCRC Senior Policy Advocate, Tracy Rhine