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Beyond the Brink: California’s Watershed

The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) co-sponsored a new educational video, “Beyond the Brink: California’s Watershed,” to highlight the importance of headwaters and watershed management.  The 26-minute video is produced by Jim Thebaut and The Chronicles Group, and is a collaboration with several entities dedicated to improving the health of California’s forested watersheds.  RCRC Senior Legislative Advocate Mary-Ann Warmerdam is also featured in the film.

Headwaters serve an important role in California’s water management system.  Healthy forests have multiple benefits, including increased water supply reliability, improved water quality, reduced impacts from catastrophic wildfires, increased renewable energy supplies, improved response to climate change and enhanced habitat.  RCRC and ACWA are founding members of the California Forest Watershed Alliance (CAFWA), a nonpartisan, urban-rural coalition representing water interests, local governments, the conservation community, agriculture, and the forestry sector, created to promote the restoration and improvement of California’s forested watersheds.

Links to the full version video and promo can be accessed here.