Sharing Butte Creek, a new film unveiled in early March, showcases the collaborative efforts that have led to the ecosystem restoration of Butte Creek.

Early growth of farms and cities, and the resulting increased demand for reliable water supplies and flood control, led to dams and levees along California’s waterways, erasing the flood plains and blocking migratory pathways of salmon and other species. Recognizing a problem, landowners, urban and agricultural water managers, conservationists and state and federal officials partnered to move from a system focused solely on supply for rice growers, to a system that works to the benefit of multiple species in the region.

The Butte Creek project, spanning more than two decades, is an example of how complex ecosystem problems can be solved through partnership and collaboration. The Butte Creek Watershed extends to several of our member counties including: Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Sutter, and Tehama. More information and the film can be found here.