In 2017, the Legislature enacted the Road and Repair Accountability Act (Senate Bill 1- Beall), which addressed increased motor vehicle fees and taxes to improve state and local transportation needs. Through voter action, SB 1 funds are constitutionally protected so they can only be used for transportation. A collection of resource documents released last week by Transportation California highlight how state and local agencies are utilizing those funds to make road improvements. Transportation California reports that:

  • 8,000 state and local transportation projects are already underway
  • 68,000 jobs are supported annually
  • $18 billion in economic activity is generated each year

For local information, Transportation California has prepared reports on the projects funded by SB 1 and compiled them by each of the State’s 80 Assembly Districts. A district-by-district report is available here.

RCRC lent its support for SB 1 as many RCRC member counties recognized the perilous condition of state and local road infrastructure and the need to rehabilitate transportation assets at that time in order to avoid dramatic cost increases in the future.