On Thursday, Governor Newsom issued an Executive Order extending prohibitions on price gouging in communities impacted by catastrophic wildfires dating back to orders issued by former Governor Jerry Brown in 2017 and including wildfires in 2019.  The Order includes communities in Butte, Los Angeles, Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma and Ventura Counties that were impacted by devastating wildfire such as the Camp Fire, the Tubbs Fire and the Kincade Fire. 

The Order extends prohibitions on price increases greater than 10 percent on goods and services in an area where a state of emergency has been declared. Typically, the prohibitions last for 30 days and must be renewed. However, the Governor’s order extended the protections through December 31, 2021 to protect communities that are still rebuilding from price gauging on rent and other goods and services while residents are still displaced. 

The full text of the Governor’s Executive Order can be viewed on the Governor’s website here.