This spring, CSAC and RCRC teamed up to bring you a 2021 Redistricting Webinar Series, breaking down all you need to know about redistricting for your county. Part 1 focused on the legal requirements, including the Voting Rights Act and changes as a result of AB 849 (2019), to provide a working knowledge of the technical aspects of redistricting. A thorough presentation by Chris Skinnell and Marguerite Leoni of Nielsen Merksamer and Douglas Johnson of the National Demographics Corporation provided counties with knowledge and insight to assist with the technicalities of redistricting. The final segment, What to Expect When You’re Redistricting, featured panelists Paul Mitchell of Redistricting Partners and Political Data Inc., David Twa, retired Chief Administrative Officer of Contra Costa County, and Supervisor Bruce Gibson of San Luis Obispo County. Participants received insights beneficial for developing an effective timeline, gathering public input, methods of line drawing, and so much more. View the recorded presentations and download the slides here.