Information related to the current status of legislation impacting California’s rural counties.

AB 78   (Ward)   Grand juries.     Location: Assembly Public Safety   Status: 2/2/2023-Referred to Com. on PUB. S.   Position:   Oppose   Staff:  Sarah (1)

AB 297   (Fong, Vince)   Wildfires: local assistance grant program: advance payments.     Location: Assembly Natural Resources   Status: 2/2/2023-Referred to Com. on NAT. RES.   Position:   Support   Staff:  Staci (1)

AB 324   (Pacheco)   Gas corporations: renewable gas procurement.     Location: Assembly U. & E.   Status: 2/9/2023-Referred to Coms. on U. & E. and NAT. RES.   Position:   Watch   Staff:  John (1)

AB 338   (Aguiar-Curry)   Public works: definition.     Location: Assembly Labor and Employment   Status: 2/9/2023-Referred to Com. on L. & E.   Position:   Oppose   Staff:  Staci (1)

AB 340   (Fong, Vince)   California Environmental Quality Act: grounds for noncompliance.     Location: Assembly Natural Resources   Status: 2/9/2023-Referred to Coms. on NAT. RES. and JUD.   Position:   Pending   Staff:  John (1)

AB 538   (Holden)   Multistate regional transmission system organization: membership.     Location: Assembly Print   Status: 2/9/2023-From printer. May be heard in committee March 11.   Position:   Watch   Staff:  John (1)

SB 35   (Umberg)   Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Court Program.     Location: Senate Rules   Status: 1/18/2023-Referred to Com. on RLS.   Position:   Pending   Staff:  Sarah (1)

SB 642   (Cortese)   Hazardous materials: enforcement: county counsel.     Location: Senate Rules   Status: 2/16/2023-Introduced. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment. To print.   Position:   Sponsor   Staff:  John (1)