On July 21st a proposed nationwide settlement was announced which would resolve opioids litigation brought by states and local political subdivisions against the three largest pharmaceutical distributors. 

If approved and adopted, the settlement is anticipated to provide funding for all California counties, including those that did not participate in the litigation, with some caveats. While not yet approved, states and subdivisions have a relatively short timeframe within which they must decide whether to sign onto the national settlement (30 days for the state and 150 days for local governments) in order to bring the maximum amount of settlement money (over $2 billion) into California. 

The lead counsel for litigant rural counties is providing an informational webinar on Friday, August 6th at 10:30 a.m. to discuss the settlement and how it could potentially impact non-litigating jurisdictions. This webinar is complimentary for member cities of Cal Cities and member counties of CSAC and RCRC. Find additional information and sign up for the webinar here