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Governor Newsom Announces Agreement to Reopen Yuba River to Salmon and Launch River Restoration Governor's Office

Governor Newsom joined state, federal and local officials in Yuba County to announce a landmark framework agreement for the Yuba River that will reopen miles of habitat to multiple native fish species. The agreement sets the stage for the return of imperiled spring-run Chinook salmon to their native habitat in the North Yuba River for the first time in more than 100 years. #ruralcounties


California city threatened by revived lake gets levee funds – San Francisco Chronicle

As California's massive snowpack continues to melt away, there's growing concern about the rising water levels in Tulare Lake and possible flooding in the nearby City of Corcoran in Kings County. To address this issue, the state has committed to help fund Levee improvements, which are needed to help keep the city's 22,500 residents remain safe. 


California lawmakers OK emergency loans to failing hospitals – AP News

Alarmed by the closure of a rural hospital in Madera County earlier this year, on May 4th California lawmakers voted to loan $150 million to struggling medical centers to help prevent similar failures across the state. The state will give out the $150 million in the form of interest-free loans to nonprofit or public hospitals that meet certain conditions, with loans prioritized for medical centers in rural areas and those that have a disproportionate number of patients on Medicaid.