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California's disadvantaged rural high school students struggle – Los Angeles Times

Linda Plumlee's life has been marked by instability and homelessness, but she remains determined to attend college and build a better future. The story highlights the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in the region and the need for support and opportunities for these students. It also sheds light on the broader issues faced by rural communities, including limited access to education and economic opportunities.


With no insurance deal in Sacramento, when will California's homeowners get relief? – Los Angeles Times

New home buyers in California struggle to find homeowners insurance as insurers stop writing policies. Lawmakers attempted to enable higher prices to attract carriers, but a deal wasn't reached before the legislative session's close. Changes in insurance regulations may still happen this year through Gov. Gavin Newsom or Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, with more hearings planned in the fall.


How generators powered an entire California county as fires raged – Los Angeles Times

Lightning strikes caused multiple wildfires in drought-stricken California. These fires threatened the transmission lines supplying power to Del Norte County. Despite concerns about electricity disruptions, officials prioritized evacuations and road closures due to the wildfires.