Earlier this week, RCRC staff provided input on the Draft Water Resilience Portfolio Initiative, a suite of recommended actions to help California cope with more extreme droughts and floods, rising temperatures, declining fish populations, aging infrastructure and other challenges.  

“We appreciate that the Draft creates an opportunity for us to step back and re-assess how we think about California’s collective water future: from the upper watersheds to the managed systems that support our communities,” outlined Mary-Ann Warmerdam, RCRC Senior Legislative Advocate.  “The Public Comment Draft outlines a series of actions that recognizes regional diversity, local water management challenges, and the need for statewide investments in a variety of sectors.  RCRC believes the comprehensive nature of the Draft is both its strength as well as its weakness.  Namely, we would suggest that effort be made to identify priorities that can be achieved in specified timeframes; without some sense of the priorities, we are concerned that everything is a priority effectively translating into nothing being a priority, or so history would suggest.”

RCRC’s letter can be accessed here.